Sunday, October 17, 2010

Buying a house sucks

It's a nice house, it really is. I'd give you a link, but the thing about buying a house is that they they take it down off all the sites trying to sell it, and then you can't see the pictures any more. But trust me, it's a very nice house. Of course, after the pleasure of finding a house you really want to buy, then there's the horror of having to deal with the mountain of paperwork that accompanies a half-million-dollar transaction. And, apparently, if you actually read all that paperwork and ask intelligent questions about it, this brands you as some sort of freak. I know my real estate agent and his "transaction coordinator" (whatever the fuck that is) and my loan officer already hate me. And I look forward to meeting many new people involved in the process who will all hate me too.

Also we're still looking for our lost cat, and our new kitty has a respiratory infection, and it looks like our scaly child may have been snakenapped, and it appears that I have some bizarre disease now, of which the ultimate consequence is that I'm typing with roughly nine fingers. So if you're wondering why I'm not posting anything here, now you know. Not that you cared, I'm sure. But I thought I'd tell you anyway.

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