Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fictional Pondering

I was going to have another half-chapter or so of the book up today, but I didn’t actually get anything written.  I’ve been busy trying to figure out what to write next, which isn’t particularly easy for me.  Now, I mentioned when I told you what this book thing is all about that a lot of what I’m doing here is just writing my way from one crazy dream idea to another.  Which is true enough.  And, honestly, at this point, I know which dream idea I’m writing away from, and I even know which dream idea I’m writing my way towards.  But the problem is how to get there.

Unfortunately, the next dream idea in the queue is almost the end of the book, and I need some stuff in between here and there.  And thinking up stuff isn’t my strong point ... I mean, that’s a big part of the reason why I’ve never published anything I’ve written, right?  No great ideas.

So I’ve been spending my time today going through old dream logs, and old roleplaying game campaign notes, and old stories, and anything else I can think of, waiting for inspiration to strike.  And a lot of it was quite inspirational, don’t get me wrong, but nothing that will really help me get to the next plot point (whatever that may be).  So my search continues.

I did run into the story/novel I wrote a mere chapter and a paragraph of before I started on Johnny Hellebore.  I’d totally forgotten about it.  It wasn’t a bad idea, just not a great one (story of my life).  But there might be something salvageable in it, so perhaps parts will show up in the JH saga at some point.  Weirdly, my story notes indicate that I was planning to put Larissa in that story as well; perhaps she was fresh in my mind from that attempted recycling when Johnny came along and needed a companion ...

Anyways, mostly I’m sure you don’t care.  Other than the fact that I don’t really have a blog post for today.  And even then you don’t care, if you’re smart.  But if you’re not smart—or, I suppose, to be less of a jerk about it, if you’re stubbornly insistent on reading this blog after all warnings to the contrary—then rest assured I’ll have something next week.

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