Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Wave in Passing

Not going to post anything much today.  I’ve been working on the Heroscape project I first mentioned some months ago.  You may recall back then that I mentioned we were working on “Wave 14” ... well, now we have the first of four weeks’ release of Wave 15.  I’ve got 3 more weeks of that to do, but the first one is always the bitchy one.  Should be much smoother sailing from here on out.

In other news, my company was sold ... if you had noticed (which it is barely possible to have done, if you’ve been reading these blogs very carefully, although, why would you?) that I was technically an eBay employee, you can expunge that bit of triviata from your brain, ’cause I’m not any more.  I would tell you about all the hideous papework I had to sign, and all the legalese I had to agree to, but there’s actually a clause in there that says that I can’t talk about it.  In fact, merely telling you that I can’t tell you probably puts me in some state of breach, technically speaking ... whoa, I think my head just exploded.

So, getting used to new corporate overlords, working on hobby collaboration projects, still doing some open source software here and there, readjusting to life with a newborn ... busy times.  Far too busy to write something that I’m just going to tell you not to read anyway.  Perhaps next week will be a little easier to deal with.  Let us all cross our collective fingers.

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