Sunday, March 9, 2014

Perl blog post #32

Well, it’s finally happened: my never-ending blog series on my relationship with Perl has ended.  You can check out the final installment over on my Other Blog.

For 13 weeks, I had to come up with clever titles for my blog posts, and I decided to lift them directly or paraphrase them from various sources: books, movies, songs, TV shows, poems, quotes from famous people, etc.  I knew that some people would instantly recognize some and scratch their heads over others, and different people would do so with different entries.  I figured perhaps no one would recgonize them all, as they were quite an eclectic mix ... from the the Bard to the CW (though of course I might be wrong about that).  So I thought it might be sort of fun to give everyone a second chance at guessing them.

Next week, I’ll do a blog post (here, not there) explaining all the miscellaneous references.  In the meantime, feel free to guess at them and see how many you can get.  I’ll include the hints I left on the Other Blog:

  1. The Road So Far: a Winchester recap
  2. The Power of OOP: Johnny Colla would have done a mean sax solo
  3. A Moose Once Bit My Sister: I apologize for the obscure references; those responsible have been sacked
  4. A Worthy Program, Exceedingly Well Read: also, profited in strange concealments ...
  5. Speaking with the Speech of Coders: a present from Vietnam
  6. Perl is Engineering and Art: what’s to learn? it’s a snake ..
  7. The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use to Change the World: according to Tata, not Perl at all ...
  8. Endless Forms Most Beautiful and Most Wonderful: there was grandeur in his view of life from the Beagle
  9. That’s Why I Failed Recess: it was funnier when Rudy said it to Fat Albert
  10. What We Talk About When We Talk About DWIM: involving two couples and a bottle of gin
  11. Please Mr. Perl, Will You DWIM?: a plea to m’colleague Hugh
  12. The End of the Beginning: once described as “sounding more like the Primitives than the Primitives”
  13. Here’s to Future Days: why are they called “twins” if there’s three of them?

I rewrote one hint to make it work for people who may not have read the actual blog posts.  Have fun, and tune in next week for the answers!

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