Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Wild Beyond the Daughter

Well, the Free Fridays are over, but I’m still only posting full posts once every other week.  Ya read this blog against my explicit advice, ya gets what ya gets.

This week my youngest has been starting her deep dive into the newest D&D release, The Wild Beyond the Witchlight.  She’s decided it’s going to be her first actual D&D campaign that she will actually run—thus far, she’s only run a Dungeon World campaign* of her own devising.  But I ordered the book for myself, and she fell in love with it, and now she has her own copy ... she even got the bundle with all the cool extras in it.  She’s very serious about it: she’s asked my advice on which section to read first to prepare, and she got some sticky tabs from Christy to mark the pages.

So that’s what our nine-year-old teenager is up to.  We’ll see if she carries through with it, but she’s thus far been very determined in her goals.  So I think it will happen, sooner or later.  That’s my girl.


* If you don’t recall, Dungeon Word is a sort of D&D-lite game based on the Powered by the Apocalypse rules.

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