Sunday, May 8, 2022

To be silent ...

It is far better to be silent than merely to increase the quantity of bad books.
Voltaire (maybe)

Way back in my first ”nothing to say” post, I used this quote, which is commonly attributed to Voltaire.  It applies again to today’s post, and I (again) made an attempt to source the quote, and once again I failed.  Wikiquote refuses to source it, and Quote Investigator hasn’t tackled it yet.  GoodReads says he said it, and they’re usually pretty reliable, but then again they also usually provide a source, which they don’t here.  AZ Quotes is usually not reliable, but at least they give a source: The Portable Voltaire, although I’m not sure if I can consider that an authoritative source.  Still, as I said last time:

But, you know, it can be true even without being famous.
me (definitely)

And, it is true.  So I shall be silent.

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