Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fetal Distraction 2: The Quickening

You know, right up until a few minutes ago, I still thought I might do a post this week.

Silly man.

We’re two weeks away and counting, lots of new baby preparations going on, and my todo list is still pretty big.  But, on the positive side, the mother’s mother (that is, the person who would be my mother-in-law were this a more “traditional” relationship) will be here tomorrow, and I’m taking a day off from work to pick her up from the airport, and plus I had some notes and even a sentence or two that I jotted down last week before I gave up then.  Overall, it didn’t seem irrational to produce a mere 1500 words even in the midst of this chaos.

But one of the guidelines we have around this house is: don’t set yourself up to fail.  (Or, put alternatively, know your limitations.)  And, if I try to squeeze in a blog post today along with all my other shit to do, I’m just going to be making myself crazy all day and end up coming up short anyway, and that’s no good.  I’ve got to work on keeping my stress level down, because stress is bad for pregnant women, and stress is contagious.

So today I’ll just be chillin’.  Next week may well be more of the same.  We shall see what we shall see.

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