Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fetal Distraction

Well, it’s exactly 3 weeks until the date that doctors and midwives tell us our daughter will be born, and things around the house are heating up to a fever pitch.  My “Saturday chore list” is getting out of control—pretty soon my “A1” todo’s won’t fit on a screenful of spreadsheet rows.

So there isn’t much of a blog post this week, and I suspect it won’t be the last time you, poor reader, are skimped out on—I even named the draft file of this post “Merrick1.”*  What can I do but advise you (yet again) to refer to the title of the blog? 

So, while it’s very exciting over here, preparing for the birth, it’s also very hectic.  You know, when we moved into this house, it was emotional for the folks who were leaving.  This was the house where many of them had grown up, the house where the patriarch and matriarch lived (parents to some and grandparents to others), the house where the family would gather to stay in touch and renew their family ties.  It held a lot of memories for them.  The mother promised them that we would treasure it as much as they had, that we would make this our family’s home in the same way.  She told them that we would be having at least one baby in the house.  It looks like that promise will be fulfilled—literally, as we’re planning on a home birth.

So hopefully you’ll bear with me over the next month or so if my writing schedule is a bit erratic.  Forging new family memories takes a bit of a time investment.

* Check out my post on naming for whence that name.

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