Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sabbatical Report: Christmas

Welcome to Sabbatical Report #7; for explanations, you may want to read Sabbatical Report 1.

This was Christmas week, which is our year-end holiday of choice, so most of our week was focussed on that.  Christmas Eve is our big dinner night, and we had planned to visit our Sister Family on Christmas afternoon, but various and sundry children with various and sundry germs put the kibosh on that plan.  Still, Christmas was very lovely, even with the tiny amount of sleep I got the night before, and now our house is trashed, so it must have been successful.

On to my sabbatical goals (which are described in Sabbatical Report 3).  As they say on Marketplace, first let’s do the numbers.  So far, I’ve expunged 453 emails out of 500, I’ve expunged 15 todo tasks out of 25, and I’ve completed 69 project hours out of 75.  Now, this is the last full week of my sabbatical, so it may seem that I’ve failed, but let’s not forget that I don’t actually go back to work unitl Wednesday, so there’s some time yet.  Let’s look at the individual goals.

Currently I have 47 emails in my inbox, which fits on a single screen without having to page.  That’s pretty impressive, and, while I will probably try to whittle it down even further, I’m happy enough to declare that one a success even as is.

In terms of the todo tasks, I will probably knock a couple of others off before sabbatical is fully over, but it’s true that I have little hope of doing 10 more.  So I have to declare that one a bust.

Of course, the project hours is really the big one, and there’s only 6 more to go to reach my (adjusted) goal.  I’m feeling pretty confident about hitting that one, actually.  Even though there’s still a few projects that I never even got to start.

New projects I worked on were polishing up my Debuggit module (one new release done, one to go), finally finally getting around to using Dist::Zilla by creating my own plugin bundle (first, very primitive release done, several to go), and starting my super-long-term project, which I won’t reveal just yet, as it’s still very early days on that one.

So all is not lost ... no, all is not lost ... not yet.  Next week, me and my precognitive dissonance will visit: New Year’s Day.

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