Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sabbatical Report: New Year's

Welcome to Sabbatical Report #8; for explanations, you may want to read Sabbatical Report 1.

Moving on from Christmas to New Year’s.  This year we went to celebrate with our Sister Family.  They have a cool idea about how to deal with celebrating New Year’s in California with small children: you just celebrate East Coast New Year’s.  So, at 9pm, we had some champagne and sparkling cider and then went outside and made lots of noise and then, for the most part, went home and went to bed.  Except we watched Looper first, which was fairly awesome.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is starting to become one of my favorite actors, and this is his second pairing with writer/director Rian Johnson, after the insanely good Brick.  But I digress.

I also returned to work, which was sort of anti-climactic after six weeks of sabbatical.  Other than that, all we did family-wise was a half day at Magic Mountain (where our middle child rode his first roller coaster with a loop in it) and a Heroscape game day, which we actually just returned from.  The two boys and I, plus the elder son of our Sister Family, enjoyed a fine day of killing each other via plastic soldier proxies, while the womenfolk stayed home and had a relaxing testosterone-free day.

My final numbers for sabbatical goals (see Sabbatical Report 3 if you don’t know what I’m talking about):  I’m declaring my todo tasks a failure, with only 15 out of 25 expunged.  However, I cleaned 455 (out of 500) emails out of my Inbox, and I think that’s plenty good enough, and, for project hours, I hit my goal exactly: 75 hours on personal projects, many of which I made excellent progress on.  So I’m pretty jazzed about that.

Well, this is the last of the sabbatical reports, so next week we’ll be back to normal posts.  Which of course you should continue not to read.  But apparently my warnings are going unheeded, so I suppose I’ll see you in seven days.

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  1. It was a great NYE! I do love that sister family of ours. Thank you for another lovely year, partner. Looking forward to seeing where 2013 will take us.