Sunday, April 1, 2018

End of another birthday season

When I announced the new blog schedule, I had hoped that I wouldn’t have any occasion to do a “short post week” twice in a row.  However, I suppose I failed to account for the March birthday season.  So we’re busy surviving another birthday weekend—second this month—and the tyranny of an unchecked six-year-old (who already thought she was the center of the universe) should not be underestimated.

Funny story: Friday night she apparently discovered that Toys R Us was “shutting down forever!”  So, despite the fact that she probably can’t even remember the last time she went to one, we were required to go on Saturday afternoon.  (Extra fun fact: if you followed the link about birthday weekends, you’ll notice that I covered her trip to Toys R Us/Babies R Us—the exact same one we were just at, actually—on the occasion of her second birthday.  In that discussion, I noted that: “Maybe Amazon is about to put them out of business too.  Wouldn’t surprise me.  (Or disappoint me, really.)”  Practically prophetic, as it turns out.)  Other than that, our weekend has been fairly predictable: screenings of movies such as Hop and Ferdinand, a morass of Littlest Pet Shop toys underfoot, a sparkling pink cake that looks as if a unicorn barfed it up, and enough replays of “Barbie Girl” to make one reconsider one’s life choices.  The one unusual point came in the food situation.  Oh, sure: we got McDonald’s, and we got donuts.  But, somehow, my little girl, who wants a cheeseburger everywhere she ever goes (including KFC and Subway), and is offended when she can’t get one, sent me to Jack-in-the-Box for chicken nuggets, scrambled eggs, and a grilled cheese sandwich.  (Which, due to JitB’s fantastically varied menu, she received.)  So that was ... unexpected.

But, overall, a happy birthday weekend for the littlest one, I believe, and we’ll shoot for a longer post next week.  Perhaps I’ll even combine a little family news with music news and share the Disney princess mix I concocted for her birthday.  Till then.

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