Sunday, July 26, 2015

Blog update

Instead of doing a full-length post this week, I’ve been working on my series lists, which I’ve now posted over there in the sidebar.  I started last week with my series listing for my music mixes.  This week, I polished off the rest: my series listing for The Barefoot Philosophy, my series listing for Saladosity, and the listing for my infrequent “Guides” series.

Then, just for completeness, I put together a page for my “informal” (meaning, mostly accidental) series, and another which outlines those series which appeared on my Other Blog.

Mostly these are just listings of links, but there’s a bit of writing here and there.  Most especially in the music mix series listing, where I added a glossary of terms I use in those posts.  I plan to keep these updated with any new posts in those series which are still ongoing.


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