Sunday, July 26, 2015

Series Listing: The Informals

An “informal series” is when I don’t really set out to make a post series but end up doing it sort of accidentally.  Generally it comes from revisiting a certain theme periodically.

The Mother

Meaning “the mother of my children” rather than my own mother, I often write posts about The Mother on, appropriately enough, Mother’s Day.

Happy Holidays

Often times around the end of December I wish you a “merry whatever” or occasionally a merry “christmahannukwanzaakah.”*  Usually these are labeled “partial,” meaning that they’re not what I consider a full-length post.  But some of them have interesting tidbits in them anyway (especially that second one there).  So they may be worth checking out anyway.

Nothing to Say

Sometimes I don’t do a full blog post because Real Life got busy and I ran out of time.  But, occasionally, rarely, I find that I just can’t think of anything good to write about.  I often use these opportunities to reflect on the blog so far (e.g. number of posts, number of words, is anyone really reading it, that sort of thing).  These are all partial posts, but I think they’re interesting nonetheless.

Agile Development

There are 3 posts in this 2-part series, which is sort of about agile software development, but also sort of an open letter to managers and other businesspeople who are trying to implement some form of agile at their company (and mostly not succeeding).

This series is completed.


* As always, credit goes to Jon Sime for inventing that excellent word.

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