Sunday, July 12, 2015

Perl blog post #41

Occasionally my geek worlds collide: being simultaneously a technogeek and a gaming geek often means writing code to do things for games.  I’ve mentioned here that one of my games is Heroscape, and I’ve also mentioned that I’m part of something called the C3V, which attempts to create new units for this now discontinued game.  I don’t know if I specifically mentioned what I do for that group ... I’m one of the Editors, which means I help make sure that the wording for any new cards we create are just as official as the existing cards.  To that end, I have a file with all the text from all the official cards in it, and I have a script which lets me search that file in interesting ways in order to look at all the different official ways to say something.

So this past week or so I’ve had occasion to ponder a way to make this script even more useful.  It turned out to be a bit tricky, though, and evolved into a mini-programming-project.  So I decided to write it up for my Other Blog.  You’ll find this particular article technical, as per usual, but if you know anything about Heroscape I think you’ll still be able to glean some interesting tidbits nonetheless.  If you know neither gaming nor coding, well ... you know the drill by now.  Just look up a couple of inches.

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