Sunday, July 26, 2015

Series Listing: The Other Blog

I have two blogs: this one, and a technical, Perl-based blog.  When I refer to “my Other Blog”, it just means whichever one you happen not to be on at the moment.  I occasionally do series over on the Other Blog as well, so here’s a listing of those.

YAPC Reports

The first one of these was actually posted on this blog, as it was written before The Other Blog was created.  The remainder are over there though.

These are not terribly technical; mostly what I talk about are traveling, the social interaction, dragging family members along for the ride, etc.

Perl and Me

This is probably the series that I’m proudest of (and the one that more people have actually read than any other, I would guess).  It’s moderately technical, in spots, but it also contains a lot of philosophical ponderings and more abstract points.

Not part of the series proper, but perhaps a fun read nonetheless: this post (not on the Other Blog) discusses the origin of all the titles I chose for this series.

A Date with CPAN

This describes my attempts to design a new Perl module to make dealing with dates easier for most Perl scripts.  It won’t work for every possible use of dates, but it should suffice for the most common cases.  It’s more technical than “Perl and Me,” but I think it has value for just about anyone who is a programmer, even if Perl is not their primary language.  It has a lot about general design that will apply in any language, and a lot about dates that is also language-agnostic.

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